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Three hours ago i had donated to foundation and to continue the viral video spirit to get the charity help message out, i too, will do my duty to record a video of the #icebucketchallenge… My First video failed because half way thru my hp fell on the floor 😭 And my fever n cough n flu is getting worst omgggg … So i had Total TWO attempts . 8 packs of ice . 2 buckets of water . One video … If One pack of ice = 3 nominations, i have 8 packs of ice means i can nominate up to 24 ppl for the #icebucketchallenge charity drive … I will now name 12 …
From Taiwan Singer 陳零九
From Thailand Happy Polla #happypolla
From Singapore :
CEO and Creative Director of @razer @minliangtan
Regional Director of Asia Pacific’s #sharksavers program #jonnbenedictlu
Asia Pacific’s Top Blogger and also hot mama with world cutest baby Dash and my goddess @xiaxue
From Malaysia :
World’s No.1 Squash Player Datuk Nicol David #nicoldavid
Malaysia Red People Founder @namewee #namewee
Malaysia’s No.1 DJ @goldfish_mys @goldsoundsdjs
My sister @lengsean
My notti bro @conradchynns
My beauty nail sponsor @cyrus0922 
From #arukuthewalk #robertmah

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